Nicole Scherzinger threatens to quit X Factor

Nicole Scherzinger has told X Factor bosses that she is likely to not be on the show next year as she wants to focus on her own career rather than others.

Also the fact that she has got two of her artists into the final against one Christopher Maloney who has been constantly criticised by the judges and has also got some bad press in the newspaper with Simon Cowell urging viewers to not vote for him, and he also allegedly said that if Christopher wins then he wont get a contract anyway but people keep voting for him  and he has never been in the bottom 2 so there is no reason why he wont win it.

Nicole had this to say about the matter : “I’m really glad I did the show. I don’t know if I’ll come back next year. End on a high, right?”

Nicole has been a favourable judge this year with the viewers and would be a massive blow to lose her. Also she has a new album  to release and will need to go on tour to promote it so the chances of her being on it next year is very slim.

she said this: “This year has changed my life. As an artist, it’s put into perspective what I want, how to go about it.