Man Rescues two Year old Baby on Hotel Roof

Preston likely aged 42 saved a baby aged 2 who managed to clime a 20ft ladder and get onto the roof of the hotel.

The boys panicked mother attempted to get the child of the the roof but she herself got stuck on the roof aswell.

But Preston who dashed up the ladder as soon as he was made aware of the child on the rood carried the two year old boy known as charlie at the Tree Hotel near Oxford.

Preston said: “I was about to sit down when I noticed a large crowd of people staring at something.

“I thought it was some sort of gathering. Then I looked up and saw the child on the roof tottering about.

“I threw my bag down without thinking and just climbed up and grabbed him. It was instinctive, I didn’t think, I just scrambled up.

“He was wriggling about, and for a two-year-old was very powerful.

“It made it all the more precarious and I really had to squeeze to hold onto the little guy.”