Jake Bugg hits out at One Direction… Again

Jake Bugg last night attended the NME awards and when asked about one direction he didn’t have anything positive to say about the group.

The feud began last week when the group was awarded the global success award following that articles in magazines were referring the group as the new Beatles which outraged Jake suggesting they are nothing like the Beatles.

When he was asked if he was happy that the band won the Worst Band prize, he said: “I don’t know how they can really be considered a band though to be honest.

“I’m not too sure. I think the more I play on it, it’ll wind them up.”

He added ”They’re there to look good.

“Music wise? I assume they don’t really have a clue. We’ll just see. They might do.”

Lastly when he was questioned about harry styles villain of the year award he said ”Probably the ugliest one is the best singer. He might know a couple of chords.”