Foo Fighter treat 200 diners to music at Pizza Restaurant

The Foo fighters have not played a live gig for over a year but made a secret comeback this week with a show for 200 diners eating at Pizza Restaurant.

The band teased fans with a picture of a bloody guitar before their performance with the caption ‘First practice. Been too long. Look out, Mexico.’

It was a bit confusing that they made their comeback in a restaurant instead of a huge arena but they did not hold back as diners were given a top performance that lasted over two hours.

The group are to make their official return on December 13 but took the pizza restaurant as an opportunity to get warmed up before they perform in front of 55,000 in Mexico City at the Foro Sol stadium.

The band shocked diners at the Rock & Roll Pizza restaurant in Moorpark, California (Get a full Restaurant activity reports).

The band took to the stage in front of a stage with a 200 capacity and belted out a 23 song set of classic tracks.