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Adam Scott Targets Triple Crown of Titles on Home Soil

Adam Scott is increasing in excitement about winning three titles on home but says the only other man to achieve it, is not helping him to do so.

Adam Scott has enjoyed a second end to the year 2013 where he has won the Masters at Augusta earlier in the season and since has gone on a great run of results during a four week swing down under. 

Views on Pink Golf balls for Ladies

On the golf market there are a number of custom coloured golf balls including orange and yellow but we would like to discuss the pink balls that have been aimed at women. 10 years ago they didn’t even exist but today it’s estimated that between 2-3 % of all golf balls sold to woman are either yellow, pink or red.

Advantages of the pink golf ball

One of the great advantages of the pink golf ball is the aesthetics and for many ladies across the world this is an important factor no matter what they are doing whether they are walking down the street or playing golf. The Pink ball is great because unlike the white ball it is easier to assess the flight of the ball and determine whether you have hit a good shot or not. Also when it lands it shouldn’t be too hard to find as the pink ball will stand out in the green fields. It is also less likely to confuse it with others since most balls are balls.