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How to Wear a Full Skirt

Skirts are garments that begin at the waist and cover part or all of the wearer’s legs. They are often worn by women, although there are also men who wear them (think kilts). Skirts can make women feel extra feminine, plus there are various kinds of skirts which makes shopping for one more exciting. One of the most common skirts is the full skirt, wherein the garment’s fullness is gathered into the waistband. Wearing a full skirt is easier than you think.


First things first: pick a full skirt that has the right hem length. Having the proper hem length spells the difference between being stylish and simply just wearing a full skirt. Ideally, the skirt should end at the slimmest part of your legs. This is usually just below or above the knees. Avoid full skirts that are too lengthy because they can make you look shorter than you really are.

Full skirts can be made from various materials, so it’s important to pick one that can significantly enhance your look and style. If you’re after a really girly look, go for full skirts that are silky and swishy. For a modern touch, opt for stiffer fabrics. You can also go for leather and wool full skirts, especially during fall.


To balance out a full skirt’s volume, make sure that the top half of your outfit is fairly fitted. For example, you can tuck in your shirt or a slim fitting blouse since full skirts are usually high on the waist. Or if you’re wearing a jacket, go for a cropped one or one that has a close fit.

Retro trends are always part of the fashion industry and full skirts can be worn to have a vintage look. You can do this by pairing your full skirt with a feminine blouse and sexy pumps. Complete the look with a framed handbag and a pair of cat eye sunglasses.

If vintage isn’t your thing, then you’re probably the contemporary type. Pair your full skirt with modern, up-to-date tops and accessories. For example, wear it with a plain white tee, denim jacket, and a pair of wayfarer sunglasses. Crop tops are also recommended.


Aside from picking the right tops and accessories, wearing the right shoes is also important. One of the most popular looks is pairing a full skirt with pointed court shoes, which can be worn during casual and formal occasions. They are feminine and flattering to look at, too. If you’re not used to wearing court shoes, then go for ballet flats or low-heeled pumps.

What’s better than wearing just a full skirt? Wearing a full skirt with a petticoat underneath! Petticoats provide more volume to full skirts, as well as give them more fullness and keep them in shape. Although a petticoat is under the full skirt, it is still meant to be seen, so a touch of lace or tulle on the petticoat is advisable.


Whether you’ll be wearing a full skirt the vintage way or the modern approach, one thing’s for sure: it’s fun to mix and match full skirts with other articles of clothing like these available at

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul spring summer 2014

The Presentations of the 2014 summer Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Turkey took place at Kurucesme Arena,in the city of Istanbul.

Sponsored by American Express the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week showcased collections of over 35 designers who did not dissapoint. The designers did not only show their creative works but enhanced their relationship with buyers and other designers,maintsream media both local and international. The designer’s creative dreams came to pass as Istanbul tried to make its presence felt in the international fashion industry.

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The line up of both establised and new designers that showcased their prowess at the Spring/Summer 2014 Collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week include; adL+Cengiz Abazoğlu, Argande, Arzu Kaprol Collection Private Viewing, Asu Aksu, Ayhan Yetgin, Ayşe Deniz Yeğin and Beste Gürel.

Highlights of the colourful event

As the days went by by the event increasingly became more blissful with more flashes and longer collections. Watching one presentation after the other, some shows were memorable, while others made one take notes of garments one would want to purchase in futute.


Judging by their previous presentations,anyone who new their capability expected glamor from the twin sisters. Ready to wear clothing hasn’t been that flirting,however their perfectly made high waisted pants with fringy bralettes that hit the floor, see-through tops, and bold design details always seem to work when it has the Raisa Vanessa design. Making unwearable clothes wearable is what they do best, and oops, they did it again this summer.


Being bohemian side with floor length dresses with extra fabrics is what made her look modern.This made her look like she was in motion under water, she was wearing blue and flamish on top of the browny colors. Garments that can transfer from day to night, this collection made many yearn for the hot summer breeze.

Niyazi Erdoğan

His presentations are always classics to many during the Fashion Week.His constant growth, and ability to up his design skills from the previous seasons has always left many noding thir head. Color will the new thing entering the lives of men who wear bright skinny shorts, capricious prints, and leather backpacks with bouncy tints.

Serdar Uzuntaş

Most were charmed by the identical buttoning with shorts, burgundies and soft tones of beige and perfectly tailored Uzuntas. Although many men will most wear Uzuntaş designs with other collections to boost distinction.They will certainly look great.

At the end of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, everyone had the answer to the reason for the unexplainable excitement: a true fashion show. From striking creativity on the runway, to stylish guests, to music that put everyone in the mood.This was surely an event to remember,thanks to American express.I look forwad to another amazing event next season with more people coming now that the application for visas has been made easy with turkey online visa.

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul was presented by American Express.It was also made possible by the kind support of main sponsor Mercedes-Benz, DHL, Swarovski, Habitat, Maybelline New York,Grand Hyatt,Uludağ and Park Hyatt Istanbul

The show was supported by Apparel Exporters’ Association and Istanbul Ready-Made Garment,(IHKIB), the Fashion Designers Association United Brands Association (BMD) as well as the Istanbul Fashion Academy.

Five Issues to Focus On While Selecting Maxi Dress Plus Size

Five Issues to Focus On While Selecting Maxi Dress Plus Size

Women keen on clothing for a party can always go for the maxi dress plus size. These dresses with their gentle sways around certainly make the wearer look gorgeous. Earlier the utility of such dresses were restricted to formal occasions. However, along with time, one does run into women wearing these dresses even in informal gatherings. Hence, someone keen on buying can always make a dash for the stores. There are plenty of them in near vicinity. With most of them having online presence, locating someone nearby, should not be a worry.  Now buying anything is easy. However, before doing so, it is essential to focus issues. Actually, it all boils down to the right body figure.

The body shape should be an issue:

Actually, it all boils down to the individual body shape, while choosing a maxi dress plus size. For example, women with a pear body shape are often more bottom heavy in nature. Hence, such women should put more emphasis on a dress, which pays more attention on the neckline. The idea will be to take away all the focus from the bottom portion. Now the apple shaped body is completely round all over. The waist is often wider that both the hips and the legs. Here, it is essential to focus on the hips and legs while buying a dress.

The color also needs attention:

The color is certainly an important factor for someone keen to choose a dress. Therefore, in the case of a maxi dress plus size, it should not be a worry. Women often find that black is slimming, however, it that does not mean, one can buy a black colored dress without considering anything else. The idea will be to go for a color, which flatters the complexion. For example, bright colors generally pop on darker skin. Hence, while buying, one must also focus on the natural body color. Dark and neutral colors often make the person look taller.
Five Issues to Focus On While Selecting Maxi Dress Plus Size 1
Fit and snug:

Most of these long maxi dress plus size options do not go well, with shorter height women. However, one need not lose heart. On such instances, the way out will be to go for a style, which is cut to perfection. In short, the trick will be to go for a dress, which sits snugly on the body.

Go for a V Neck:

Women keen on a maxi dress plus size can always go for a V-neck. It shows more skin, which drives home the point that one is taller and leaner. This is a trick, which is perfect for women with pear body shapes.

The correct accessories:

Now while selecting a maxi dress plus size, it is important to focus on the correct accessory. For example, women with short heights can look to add heels. The extra wedges on the shoe, also creates that perfect look. It is equally essential to identify the correct handbag to accompany the dress. Moreover, women can also focus on the printing work on the dress. Shorter women must also for solid work to accompany the dresses.

Here are some important issues, which people keen on a maxi dress plus size need to focus on. Now most such stores selling the product have online purchase options. Therefore, someone keen to buy need not come down in person. One can always do so from the confines of a cozy room. However, before buying, one can conduct a thorough check on what are the payment options. Actually, in an online search, there is no cash involved. Therefore, do they accept payments via plastic money? One can also have a peek into the shipping related issues.

Glamorous portraits are on the list of trendy and original gifts

In an age of austerity, it’s only natural that more and more people are changing their attitudes to Christmas. Instead of reinforcing the more materialistic aspect of the festive season, lots of people, young and old, are keen to reintroduce sentiment and thoughtfulness to the equation.

This is arguably behind a trend that sees people spending their money differently at Christmas these days. Some are choosing not to spend on gifts at all – opting to make things, bake things or give their time as a gift instead.

Couples are increasingly setting limits on present-buying budgets, prioritising quality time together – but that also means they are getting more creative with their gifts.

Rita Ora Stuns the red Carpet at GQ Men Of The Year Awards

The 22 year old artist Rita Ora took to the red carpet at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards and she stole the show with her yellow and block zebra print frock that really complemented her curves.

In anticipation to the event Rita tweeted: ’GQ Awards were on our way! Thank you the best make-up artist in the world @eosborne_makeup love you!!’

Nicki Minaj looks to dominate the Fragrance world

Nicki Minaj has proven herself in the music industry but now she is branching out into the perfume market as she self promoted her new product named Minajesty on Wednesday afternoon on Instagram.

She can be seen pictured standing with arms stretched out with a throne in the background dressed in some royal gear suggesting that she is the queen.

Cara Delevingne is Desperate to Land a Role in the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

Model, Cara Delevingne is desperate to land a part in the very much anticipated movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

The model has built up a global reputation and is known world wide and now she want’s to maintain that reputation and use it to become a successful actor.

According to the Sun Cara is a front runner to land a secondary part the movie. 

Naomi Campbell Shows she’s Still got it

At the age of 43 Naomi Cambell showed that she has still got that incredible figure when she featured in the Versace catwalk.

Naomi opened the fashion house runway show in Paris, and was the first time in 14 years that she had done a catwalk for the Italian designers. 

Adam levine Looks to Tom Ford for Inspiration

Adam levine has a goal to create men and Women’s fragrances that will have similar success to Tom Ford by using similar scents.

He said ”I wanted to do something understated and elegant – something that people I revere in that world, like Tom Ford, would do, and something I’d be attracted to. I like basic fragrances,” Adam told WWD. “I didn’t want to smell like a department store. And there’s an intimacy level that you have to think about. You don’t really want someone to smell you unless they’re really close to you.

“I didn’t want it to be another bulls**t celebrity fragrance that I was hocking, that I didn’t believe in,” Adam continued. “At the end of the day, I can definitely say I wanted to change the perception of that. On paper, I’m not a fan of the [genre], but I got excited having conversations with ID Perfumes [his fragrance licensee].”

“We had to come to terms with the reality that we have a very big female fan base,” he said. “If you’re thinking with your business hat on, you have to think that a lot of the people who are initially checking this out are probably women. But at the same time, as a man, I wanted to create something that I would feel comfortable wearing.”

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Launch Their new collection in London

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian were both in London yesterday to launch their new collection for  Dorothy Perkins. The event was held in Aqua Bar in SOHO.

The cloths were modelled by Kim Kardashian look-a-likes for the whole night and they had up to 100 different pieces on show.

In other news both Kim and Kanye are both desperate to meet prince William and his wife Kate whilst they are both in London in which Kanye dropped all his plans to meet his girlfriend in London from Miami.