Monthly Archives: December 2013

Glamorous portraits are on the list of trendy and original gifts

In an age of austerity, it’s only natural that more and more people are changing their attitudes to Christmas. Instead of reinforcing the more materialistic aspect of the festive season, lots of people, young and old, are keen to reintroduce sentiment and thoughtfulness to the equation.

This is arguably behind a trend that sees people spending their money differently at Christmas these days. Some are choosing not to spend on gifts at all – opting to make things, bake things or give their time as a gift instead.

Couples are increasingly setting limits on present-buying budgets, prioritising quality time together – but that also means they are getting more creative with their gifts.

Has Peter Andre Killed his Career

Peter Andre, most famous for his early musical career most noticeably the song ‘mysterious girl’. He also came into the strong limelight with his relationship with Glamour Girl Katie Price who’s live was very publicly documented and they even had a reality TV show that was a great success.

Since the two have divorced and moved on. Peter got back to his music which was only great for the life long fans and did not really hit the ground running like other singers around the UK.

He also continued with the reality TV show on his own to show his life along with all the music work and sadly even caught peter at a bad stage of his life with the death of his brother. 

Foo Fighter treat 200 diners to music at Pizza Restaurant

The Foo fighters have not played a live gig for over a year but made a secret comeback this week with a show for 200 diners eating at Pizza Restaurant.

The band teased fans with a picture of a bloody guitar before their performance with the caption ‘First practice. Been too long. Look out, Mexico.’