Monthly Archives: May 2013

Premier League Player Pictured Holding a Gun in Their Garden

Sebastien Bassong who plays centre back for Norwich in the Premier league was slammed for posting pictures of himself posing with a gun online.

The former Tottenham player can be seen in two pictures, one of them it appears that he is actually shooting the gun and the other one is him holding the gun to his lips pretending to blow smoke.

One Direction star spends the night with MIC Louise

The Irish flirt in One Direction, Niall Horan spent the night with the beautiful star in the reality show Made in Chelsea although she has a new boyfriend on the show.

According to sources Niall aged 19 has been texting Louise with flirty messages.

Man Rescues two Year old Baby on Hotel Roof

Preston likely aged 42 saved a baby aged 2 who managed to clime a 20ft ladder and get onto the roof of the hotel.

The boys panicked mother attempted to get the child of the the roof but she herself got stuck on the roof aswell.

Everton Confirm David Moyes Will Manage Manchester United

Everton Have confirmed on their website that David Moyes will part ways at the end of the season and join Manchester United by replacing the retiring Sir Alex Ferguson.

We know that it is impossible to replace Sir Alex but David Moyes definitely fits the mould when it comes to the Job at United. He spent 10 loyal years at Everton working on a very small budget managing to get to get Everton high up in the table and managing to get them into Europe a couple of times.

Sharon Osbourne agrees to return to the X Factor for £1.8 million

Sharon Osbourne has finally agreed to rejoin the X factor for a fee for around £1.8 million.

ITV had hoped to get Sharon signed up last month but following troubles in her marriage the contract talk had to be put on hold as she was not in the right frame of mind.

Lewandowski set to snub Manchester United For Bayern

Reports suggest that Robert Lewandowski is snub Manchester United for his current German rivals Bayern Munich who he will face at Wembley for the champions league final.

Mario Balotelli dumped by girl friend Fanny Neguesha

Just days after Balotelli made a joke that the Real Madrid players could bang his girl friend if they beat Dortmund  his girlfriend Fanny Neguesha dumped the AC Milan striker.

Aged 22 she moved out of his mansion following a number of rows over his joke and all the partying he has been part taking.